Paige’s 11th month

After spending Christmas Eve in California we headed to the airport on Christmas Day to fly back to St. Louis. Paige had a fun time with her cousin Colin, both sets of Grandparents, and even Great Grandma Gogi. I also went to two hockey games back to back. First it was the Duck’s and Maple Leafs then the Kings and Maple Leafs where we got to sit in our own private luxury box. I am diggin’ these kinds of events.

Christmas Eve in Huntington Beach
Paige was more interested in playing with her things then looking at the camera
On the plane ride to St. Louis
Thankfully there wasn’t anyone in the middle seat so I could stretch out

With My Cousin Colin after a long day of travel
We finally made it to a comfy couch

Four Generations
There is me, Mommy, Granny, and Great Grandma Gogi

Me at the Ducks GameMe at the Kings Game
Night one at the Pond —————-Night two at Staples Center

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