Catchin’ up with Paige at 3-4 months

We are sorry it has taken so long to get a new post up on our site but as you can imagine things have been pretty hectic around here. At Paige’s 4 month check up she was 14lbs. 7 oz. and 25 3/4″ long. She is definitely long like mommy. We have had a busy month. Paige went to an Angel game and saw the Duck’s win the Stanley Cup all in one week. She has been doing a lot of rolling over-we often find her on her tummy in bed. Paige is currently 5 1/2 months and is almost sitting up unassisted. She started doing that a couple of weeks ago when Granny and Grampy (Angie’s parents) were in town. We are getting ready to start her on rice cereal and will be sure to post pictures and a video. I hope these 100 pictures will keep you busy until the next post!

Love, Angie, Mike, and Paige

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